Tutoring for Spanish

I am an enthusiastic Tutor & Teacher of Spanish with almost 20 years of experience teaching at one of the top public secondary schools in the state of California* — Oxford Academy, AUHSD (*as per U.S. News & World Report, 2012). 


I also have worked with many other professional institutions as well as in private settings, and I enjoy teaching all ages (from pre-literate children to senior citizens) & levels of Spanish Learners (from true beginners to advanced speakers)!


  • Private &/or Group Tutoring
  • Flexible hours & locations (home, public place, via video-conference, etc.)
  • Specialized help (focused, current, research-based, proven effective & fun!) in a variety of skills including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Tips & Tricks for Grammar & Vocabulary (great for students of Spanish)
    • Practical Conversation Practice (specific settings &/or communicative goals, accent improvement, oral/written fluency)
    • Test Preparation (Sp. Lang. AP, SAT2, etc.)
    • Essay Writing (extensive experience as a College Board Reader and Table Leader for Spanish Lang. AP Test)

Current Students:  I encourage you to approach me for help with assignments outside of class time (after school, during a free period or Cluster, etc.), but I unfortunately cannot serve as your private, contracted tutor.  I can, however, happily refer you to former students of mine who are excellent communicators in Spanish and who may be able to tutor you!!!  :)  There's always help available.  As they say, "Para todo hay solución, menos la muerte."