Lecturas culturales/ Readings

Here's where I'll place links to the cultural topics we discuss in Spanish class, for my students to read more about them.  While our time is limited in class, these topics are fascinating and at our fingertips via the Internet!  They affect people's lives and make the language worth learning.  My hope is for students to be curious about the world and read about it, in any and all language(s) they have at their disposal!  I can just imagine my current students, 5-10 years from now (or sooner if they're lucky, and fluent), discussing these and other topics WITH people just as beautiful and intelligent as they in Latin America or Spain IN SPANISH while traveling or studying abroad... and having a great time as informed citizens of the world!  (In fact, I know of some who are doing that RIGHT NOW!  ¡Qué afortunados... juventud, divino tesoro!)


Enjoy! :)  

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(el "Feisbuk" educativo)

House on Mango Street ("My Name" & "Marin")


a lesson or two or three or four


"He Dropped One Letter In His Name While Applying For Jobs, And The Responses Rolled In"



"Surnames and Nicknames in Mexico"


librito de villancicos, 2012
15 villancicos, 6 lecturas y un sinfin de imagenes, datos y enlaces
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