Ropa y colores

ropa, colores, tiempo y eventos
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Números grandes

Estudio de latinos famosos

Reflexión del proyecto de los latinos famosos


Answer the questions below and add them to your RESUMEN, which consists of three parts and should be organized in this order:

1)  hard copy of presentation

2)  answers to the questions below

3)  log of peers' reactions/comments


Do not copy the questions, just make sure your answers correspond to these numbers:



1)  Had you ever heard of the famous Latino you were assigned to study? 

2)  How was the research process for you - easy/difficult, slow/quick, boring/interesting, etc.?  Explain.



3)  Which format did you choose to use:  MSWord, PPT, VoiceThread, Prezi, MovieMaker, etc.?  Were you already familiar with this program?  How was the experience of creating your presentation through technology?  Describe the process, and your biggest challenge in making the presentation. 

4)  What did you think of others' presentations?  Whose work most impressed/surprised you?  Explain.



5)  Was reacting to others' projects through comments and comparisons difficult for you?  Explain.



Please share any concerns, questions, comments, suggestions for improvement... etc.! :)

Excelente sitio para escribir por computadora: case you need Spanish diacritical marks or punctuation!

texto de Ricky Martin, parte 2
This version has other options besides the basic phrases for personal descriptions that we've been practicing in class (in case you would like to vary your language and be more creative with it!)... it also has possible commentary you could make when the students post their files/URLs to Edmodo for everyone in the class to view and comment on!
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Descripcion del proyecto, modificado el 17 de abril
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Descripcion del proyecto (new stuff highlighted!)
objetivos, proceso, evaluación (i.e. rúbrica), lista de latinos famosos, contenido de cada producto... modificada el 26/III/12
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adjetivos descriptivos, parte 1
personalidad, etnicidad y religión
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adjetivos descriptivos, parte 2
etnicidad de los nombres y apellidos (mexicano - Juan vs. mexicoamericano - John, por ejemplo); color y estilo de piel, ojos y cabello; altura; juegos de números; familia y gustos... ¡FIU! (phew!)... ¡Es mucho!
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(casi) todo el mundo!
gentilicios, idiomas, etnicidades, etc. - por continente o region
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Descripcion personal (parte 1)
La apariencia física/ el exterior: la edad, el estado físico, la altura y el color (con ejemplos)
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Descripcion personal (parte 2)
la otra mitad... (en progreso, no culminado)
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EJEMPLO del texto de Ricky Martin
the basic text used in the project... including nombre, edad, etnicidad y residencia, descripcion personal, razon de su fama* y opinion personal* (*=not in project, because it's in English)
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EJEMPLO del proyecto "Latinos famosos: Ricky Martin" en formato de MSWord/PDF
MSWord doc, saved as PDF to maintain font style & layout
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Para conversiones con el sistema métrico:

...more ejemplos online from over-achiever students (MUY BIEN, CHICOS)!

I wanted to create more ejemplos de Ricky Martin in PPT and VoiceThread and Prezi and maaaaybe video format... but there are never enough free hours in the day (lo siento)!

La gente en fotos

...and note-taking sheet, and feedback/peer-(but-actually-teacher)-editing (for per. 7), and checklist of what you must haaaave for a great ol' grade!
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