Edmodo.com is our Facebook-like on-line community for each of the Spanish C/C classes.  It allows us to share files, comments, links, images, etc., with each other and interact beyond the classroom walls.


*PLEASE remember that, although we are not physically in the classroom, we are IN CLASS when communicating via Edmodo... so all class rules apply (as far as respecting others and acting appropriately... you can eat/drink/wear something other than a school uniform, though, that's fine ;) claro!).  All class disciplinary actions apply as well for those who do inappropriate things on Edmodo... so, please, let's not go there.  I don't enjoy the "administrative" part of the job of teacher, and I'm sure you won't enjoy a detention/referral either... I'd much rather learn with you!!! :)


That said... 


I'm still new to the system, so there may be many changes in the beginning... as I learn to navigate through it and provide more authentic input from sources available on the Internet... so please be patient, and thanks for being my practice group! :)  Any feedback, suggestions, or questions you may have are welcome, expected, and appreciated!!!


The first thing we'll do in our Edmodo site is share our MSWord document (preferably a PDF) or PowerPoint presentation or VoiceThread or Prezi on famous people of Latin American or Spanish descent (i.e. Latinos... y españoles).  Once your rough draft is ready for publishing world-wide, then you may share the file or link with us in Edmodo so that all students can explore other latinos famosos and make comments and comparisons en español.


Code for each class: 

per. 2:  hh5apz (it changed on 4/12/12... woops!)

per. 6:  bdrtgh

per. 7:  8aulrz