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NOTE to Students & Parents:
I spend a considerable amount of time searching for quality videos for you to enjoy that reinforce what we are learning in the classroom, and I hope that they are of great use to you in learning Spanish.  PLEASE be careful when you "branch out" and explore other videos or the comments below them, as "wandering" the internet is a common phenomenon and I cannot possibly vouch for everything the world chooses to publish.  Explore at your own risk!

La sexta semana

"Cielito lindo" - un tributo al país en video, combinando a muchos artistas diferentes (no famosos) en varios ambientes... por uno de sus bancos más importantes mexicanos (...various settings... produced by one of Mexico's main banks... More on song in Wikipedia)

Pavarotti (cantante italiano de ópera) e Iglesias (artista pop español) cantan esta canción (sing this song) de música folklórica clásica mexicana en un programa musical celebrando el siglo nuevo (the new century), en la víspera del Año Nuevo de 2000 (on New Year's Eve 1999)...


Enrique, pre-mole-removal, sings the verse about the "lunar junto a la boca" and doesn't even know the words (keeps looking down, presumably at a monitor with lyrics)

...and here's Alejandro Fernández painfully straining to be the other tenor, with José Carreras & Plácido Domingo (españoles)... though, pretty good!

Old School... 1982!  Luis Miguel & Menudo (one of which is Ricky Martin)... before they got singing lessons ;)  


...though here's a better (& snazzier) version by LuisMi... circa same time, I'm guessing.

...and the winner:  Pedrito Fernández, young AND old :)