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NOTE to Students & Parents:
I spend a considerable amount of time searching for quality videos for you to enjoy that reinforce what we are learning in the classroom, and I hope that they are of great use to you in learning Spanish.  PLEASE be careful when you "branch out" and explore other videos or the comments below them, as "wandering" the internet is a common phenomenon and I cannot possibly vouch for everything the world chooses to publish.  Explore at your own risk!

La primera semana

Lots of FAST español... 100%!  But at least it's a good visual of the cheek-crash kiss!  Once for Latin America, twice in Spain...

...and for the visual learner who likes to read...

video grabado por brasileños o portugueses... con música de Shakira al final

Example with acting & subtitles:

Catchy! :)

En España se canta así:

...y en Colombia así:

Y así incluyen varios nombres:

La versión de José-Luis Orozco que cantamos nosotros en clase:

Below is a video of the basics of Greetings & Introductions (Saludos y presentaciones), as presented by Sr. Jordan - a Spanish Teacher from Florida.  It pretty much covers what we do in our classes @ OA!  ¡Disfruten! (Enjoy!)

Week 1 (29/VIII - 2/IX)
Presentación Microsoft Power Point 5.4 MB