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Files are listed under the week they are used (look at the menu to the left):


La primera semana = the first week

...and so on.


If there's a happy face next to the week, then we've already completed that week's activities... so the material there should already be familiar to Students.  


In the first semester, I will be adding and modifying as we go (as it's the first time I teach this course, and the curriculum is based on my estimation of what can & should be done in a semester - instead of the year-long course that this used to be in years past).  Therefore, there may be changes and updates as the school year progresses.


Below is the Curricular Map for 2011-12 Spanish Conversation & Cultures.  It contains goals for the class content based on National and California Foreign Language Standards.  This was created in the summer (and updated recently) for this semester-long course, so the plan surely will be modified as the course is given.  You'll also find the Curriculum Letter that Parents & Students read & sign at the beginning of the course, showing they understand my grading policy and expectations for behavior.  This information is presented in person in class to the Students, and during Back to School Night to the Parents - the BTSN PowerPoint file serves as a guide for that presentation.


This is all posted here for your information.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call at any time (see contact info at the bottom left of the page).


¡Muchas gracias, y que estén muy bien!

Señora Matić

Spanish C/C Curricular Map, 2011-12 (de la Sra. Matic)
plan for the year, based on National & CA Foreign Language Standards
Documento Microsoft Word 102.0 KB
Back To School Night presentation (2/IX/11)
Course description, assessment methods, materials for class, special events, office hours & contact info
Presentación Microsoft Power Point 9.9 MB
Curriculum Letter for Spanish C/C, 2011-12
...the law!

This document (PDF) contains details about the course goals, grading scale & assessment, recommended materials, behavior policies, tips for success for Students and Parents/Guardians, and potential special events per semester and throughout the school year.

Should be in Students' binders at all times!
Documento Adobe Acrobat 1.3 MB
NOTE to Students & Parents:
I spend a considerable amount of time searching for quality videos for you to enjoy that reinforce what we are learning in the classroom, and I hope that they are of great use to you in learning Spanish.  PLEASE be careful when you "branch out" and explore other videos or the comments below them, as "wandering" the internet is a common phenomenon and I cannot possibly vouch for everything the world chooses to publish.  Explore at your own risk!