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Unas foticos de los chicos latinos en nuestro Clustercito... con su mamá "La Tina" :)))  ¡Gracias, Dani, por enviármelas!


Link to Pyramid of the Moon, in Teotihuacán (as I told them in the Main Office, though they said it was wrong!?!?! misleading question, bla bla, "where is this located?" seems clear enough to me... but-chya never can be sure of the intent of the question asker!?!?!  This is why I went to the source and clarified with Mrs. Casanova, advisor of ALAS, who said I was right, and said she'd clear it up with the Main Office people... whose answer was "no luck, sorry, try again tomorrow".  Administration issues, apparently!)  Despite the Main Office telling me our Cluster doesn't get any kind of reward for our being internationally culturally smart like that, never fear... "Cuentas claras conservan amistades"... nothing a little communication can't clear up!  I spoke to Mr. Hoshi at lunch ("squeaky wheel" and all... tú sabes); he says we'll get our early release "next week" (9-12/XII)... we'll see what happens.


Link to Iguazú, the early-release-to-lunch, Falls  :) 'cause we're internationally culturally smart like that.  De nada, chicos, todo para ustedes y con mucho gusto.


Link to the 9/11 story we heard in class.

Everything above this point was our 8th grade experience :)

Year 2!  Woo-hoo!

Glad to see EVERYONE back, even "Ricardo" who ditched us early on for ASB! 

Bummer we'll miss him (again) and the other ASBers for a year, but we'll be together next year :))) and for the next 4! :))) 

Pump It!
cut by DJElaine :) for our JH Talent Show!
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Cluster pics on free dress day in January, 2012!

Red Ribbon Week video, 2011... as 7th graders!

Clustercito 2011, primeras fotos (tomadas 14/IX/11)
Clustercito 2011, primeras fotos (tomadas 14/IX/11)